Umesh Parampalli

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Four randomized trials encompassing 449 patients of non-palpable breast cancer undergoing with radio-guided occult lesion localization (ROLL) or wire guided localization (WGL). In the fixed effects model, accurate localization, peri-procedural complications, and reoperation rate were comparable between two techniques. Risk of having positive resection(More)
Mycobacterium fortuitum is a rare cause of recurrent skin abscesses in an immunocompetent person. We report the case of a 37-year-old man presenting with multiple recurrent non-healing skin abscesses. Culture of the abscess wall yielded growth of M fortuitum. In our case, we highlight the association of anabolic steroids with non-tuberculous mycobacterial(More)
BACKGROUND A systematic analysis was conducted of randomized controlled trials (RCTs) comparing lightweight mesh (LWM) with heavyweight mesh in laparoscopic inguinal hernia repair. METHODS Data extracted from the included RCTs were analyzed according to the principles of meta-analysis. RESULTS Eleven RCTs encompassing 2,189 patients were analyzed. In a(More)
The aim was to characterise RQ-00201894, a novel non-macrolide motilin agonist, using human recombinant receptors and then investigate its ability to facilitate cholinergic activity in human stomach. A reporter gene assay assessed motilin receptor function. Selectivity of action was determined using a panel of different receptors, ion channels, transporters(More)
A 16-year-old male patient who was previously fit and healthy presented initially with sudden onset of lower abdominal pain. He had not suffered from similar pain in the past. He had not suffered from any significant medical diseases. He smoked up to 16 cigarettes a day, his bowel and bladder habits were regular. There was no family history of inflammatory(More)
1 of 3 DESCRIPTION A 62-year-old female presented with a 3-week history of non-specifi c abdominal pain. She had a history of rectal prolapse and was awaiting rectopexy. Clinical examination revealed gross anterior abdominal wall surgical emphysema ( fi gures 1 and 2 ) as well as surgical emphysema of the pararectal region on digital rectal examination.(More)
The surgeon frequently encounters renal and biliary stones but rarely may also encounter enteric stones or enteroliths. An enterolith is a stony foreign body that is formed in the gastrointestinal tract. We present a rare case of multiple, large enteroliths found associated with a longstanding incarcerated incisional hernia.
INTRODUCTION A De Garengeot's hernia is the very rare dual pathology of a vermiform appendix within a femoral hernia. PRESENTATION OF CASE We discuss the rare case of a 62 year old female who presented as an emergency with a strangulated femoral hernia. Within the hernia sac a partly necrotic vermiform appendix was discovered. The patient successfully(More)
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