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Tissue distribution and deposition of clofazimine (CAS 2030-63-9) in mice were investigated following administration of clofazimine with or without isoniazid (CAS 54-85-3). Balb/c mice were administered clofazimine suspension in mustard oil orally at a daily dose of 20 mg/kg body weight either alone or along with isoniazid (10 mg/kg body weight) for 15 or(More)
The Rv1497 (LipL) of the Mycobacterium tuberculosis H37Rv was predicted to be similar to hypothetical esterases and penicillin binding proteins ofM. tuberculosis as well as to be involved in lipid metabolism. Sequence alignment revealed that Rv1497 protein contains characteristic consensus β-lactamase motif 'SXXK' in addition to a conserve pentapeptide(More)
This study reports the follow-up results of 36 highly bacillated untreated BL/LL cases who were serially allocated to three treatment groups. Group I patients received a modified WHO regimen (Rifampicin 600 mg once a month supervised, 50 mg of Clofazimine and 100 mg of Dapsone daily unsupervised) and BCG 0.1 mg per dose 6 monthly; group II patients received(More)
The Rv3203 (LipV) of Mycobacterium tuberculosis (Mtb) H37Rv, is annotated as a member of Lip family based on the presence of characteristic consensus esterase motif ‘GXSXG’. In vitro culture studies of Mtb H37Ra indicated that expression of Rv3203 gene was up-regulated during acidic stress as compared to normal whereas no expression was observed under(More)
In general, the members of Lip gene family of Mycobacterium tuberculosis evoke strong immune response in the host. Keeping this fact into consideration, we investigated role of Rv3203, a cell wall associated protein with lipolytic activity, in imparting protection against experimental murine tuberculosis. The data of the present study suggested that(More)
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