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We present the design, implementation, and evaluation of post-copy based live migration for virtual machines (VMs) across a Gigabit LAN. Post-copy migration defers the transfer of a VM's memory contents until after its processor state has been sent to the target host. This deferral is in contrast to the traditional pre-copy approach, which first copies the(More)
Within datacenters, often multiple virtual machines (VMs) need to be live migrated simultaneously for various reasons such as maintenance, power savings, and load balancing. Such mass simultaneous live migration of multiple VMs can trigger large data transfers across the core network links and switches, and negatively affect the cluster-wide performance of(More)
—We present MemX – a distributed system that virtualizes cluster-wide memory to support data-intensive and large memory workloads in virtual machines (VMs). MemX provides a number of benefits in virtualized settings: (1) VM workloads that access large datasets can perform low-latency I/O over virtualized cluster-wide memory; (2) VMs can transparently(More)
—Traditional metrics for live migration of virtual machines (VM) include total migration time, downtime, network overhead, and application degradation. In this paper, we introduce a new metric, eviction time, defined as the time to evict the entire state of a VM from the source host. Eviction time determines how quickly the source host can be taken offline,(More)
—In this paper we address the problem of network contention between the migration traffic and the Virtual Machine (VM) application traffic for the live migration of co-located Virtual Machines. When VMs are migrated with pre-copy, they run at the source host during the migration. Therefore the VM applications with predominantly outbound traffic contend with(More)
—We introduce a new metric for live migration of virtual machines (VM) called eviction time defined as the time to evict the state of one or more VMs from the source host. Eviction time determines how quickly the source can be taken offline or its resources repurposed for other VMs. In traditional live migration, such as pre-copy and post-copy, eviction(More)
—A key attraction of virtual machines (VMs) is live migration – the ability to move their execution state across physical machines even as the VMs continue to run. Unfortunately , the traditional pre-copy and post-copy techniques are not agile in the face of resource pressures at the source host, since it takes a long time to transfer the memory state of a(More)