Umesh Chandra

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IP-based Multimedia creation and consumption is becoming available on an increasing spectrum of devices ranging from low-powered portable devices like cell phones and PDA's to high powered static devices like desktops PCs and IPTVs. High-speed wireless and wire-line network access is becoming widespread. Multimedia services like IPTV, Video-on-demand and(More)
Mobile phones have emerged as truly pervasive and affordable Information and Communication Technology (ICT) platform in the last decade. Large penetration of cellular networks and availability of advanced hardware platforms have inspired multiple innovative research opportunities in mobile computing domain. However, most of the research challenges have(More)
In mobile Web conferencing, enterprise documents are generally adapted into JPEG-based Web pages to be visualized on mobile devices. Dynamically identifying the optimal adapted content is very challenging, as a compromise between high visual quality and small delivery time must be made. In this paper, we propose a robust prediction-based dynamic content(More)
Resolving geo-identities of addresses in emerging economies where users rely primarily on short messaging as the means of querying, poses several daunting challenges: lack of proper addressing schemes, non-availability of cartographic information and non-standardized nomenclature of geo-spatial entities such as streets and avenues, to name a few. In this(More)
The present ethnobotanical exploratory study embodies the folk medicinal uses of certain important medicinal plants by tribals of bastar district in Madhya Pradesh state of India. Twenty seven medicinal plants form diverse families have been covered being therapeutically used against different diseases such acidity, debility, diabetes, male and female(More)
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