Umesh Chandra Jaiswal

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This paper describes the development of parser algorithm which is used for Hindi-English machine translation (MT). Machine translation requires analysis, transfer and generation steps to produce target language output from a source language input. Structural representation of Hindi sentences codes the information of Hindi sentences and a transfer module can(More)
Many research organizations in India and abroad have started developing translation systems for the Indian languages recently using conventional approaches like ruled-based or exampled-based or hybrid. Very few have tried to identify universality of government and binding (GB) theory, which emphasizes common phrase structure for all the languages. In this(More)
In this paper we develop and evaluate Parts Of Speech Tagging algorithm for parsing the Hindi text in Unicode format, it verifies the Hindi text according to the correct grammar. The accuracy for only Parts of Speech Tagging 93.6% window-3, 93.96% window-2 and 92.09% window-1. Accuracy of word with Parts of Speech Tagging for window-1- 94.45%, window-2-(More)
In this paper we are contributing to the Natural Language Understanding phase of the broader area Natural Language Processing. This paper presents the design of computer grammar that is capable of understanding simple and compound sentences of English language efficiently. To begin the design, various possible syntactic structures of the simple and compound(More)
Our paper develops innovative algorithms for machine translation system based on the innovative algorithms for parts of speech tagger, chunking, word sense disambiguate and word translation in English. Parts of speech tagging and chunking for 1657 tokens with 990 phrases for Hindi languages and to calculate the accuracy we created confusion matrix an(More)
––It is almost impossible to learn a new language without the study of it’s grammar .Automated language processing is in real centrally focused to drive to enable facilitated referencing of increasingly available Sanskrit E-texts. For learning Sanskrit language , the study of it’s grammar plays a very important role .Proposed research paper presents a fresh(More)
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