Umesh A. Deshpande

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Organizations today are moving towards cloud computing in order to reduce their upfront capital expenses. Typically, organizations have limited infrastructure with which they create a private cloud. If the number of user requests go beyond those that can be supported by the limited infrastructure, new user requests are denied. In order to overcome this(More)
With the advent of multicore processors, multiprocessor scheduling analysis for hard real-time systems has become an important problem. In such an analysis, consideration of overheads like Cache Related Preemption Delay (CRPD) is very much desired but not handled by most of the existing techniques. In this paper, we propose task partitioning methods that(More)
Modeling of stem cells not only describes but also predicts how a stem cell's environment can control its fate. The first stem cell populations discovered were hematopoietic stem cells (HSCs). In this paper, we present a deterministic model of bone marrow (that hosts HSCs) that is consistent with several of the qualitative biological observations. This(More)
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