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Socio-Cultural Dynamics and Their Relation with the Participatory Development in the Pashtun Tribal Society of Pakistan
The study was conducted to identify the importance of socio-cultural traits of tribal people in relation to development. It was aimed at finding the key components of Pushtun culture that mayExpand
Empirical study on influencing factors of biogas technology adoption in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan
Climate change caused by global warming, and the growing scarcity of nonrenewable energy sources, have driven Pakistan to shift from a traditional energy consumption pattern to a renewable-energy-useExpand
Loss of vegetative cover and increased land surface temperature: A case study of Islamabad, Pakistan
Abstract Loss of the vegetative cover becomes the paying way of accelerated carbon emissions. It leads to increase in Land Surface Temperature (LST) and resultant resulting in global warming. ThisExpand
Measuring Oral health literacy in dental patients: Contribution towards preventive dentistry in Pakistan
There is a need to look at the health literacy in the context of large systems-social systems, cultural systems, education systems and public health systems and further investigation is needed to develop appropriate intervention strategies to improve oral health literacy for better oral health outcomes. Expand
Livelihood Expansion and Local People’s Expectations in the Realm of China-Pakistan Economic Corridor in Hunza, Gilgit Baltistan, Pakistan
Economic Corridors around the world has been creating livelihood opportunities for people thus stimulating economic growth and development. This study has explored the opportunities for livelihoodExpand
Floods: impacts on livelihood, economic status and poverty in the north-west region of Pakistan
Climate change-induced floods have diversified effects on the physical and economic system of the dwelling societies. These effects mainly hit agricultural livelihood and livestock ending up inExpand
Mitigating and adapting to climate change: attitudinal and behavioural challenges in South Asia
This study aims to examine peoples’ perception of climate change. It assessed their attitude, behavioural motivation for mitigating and adapting to climate change in the two capital cities of SouthExpand
How does one motivate climate mitigation? Examining energy conservation, climate change, and personal perceptions in Bangladesh and Pakistan
Abstract The consciousness among the policymakers and general people regarding climate change is increasing, yet, plenty of barriers to mitigate climate change are widespread in developing countriesExpand
Although there are reports of decrease in caries prevalence in developed countries, however prevalence remains high in developing countries. Increased consumption of cariogenic food and compromisedExpand
Energy production and CO2 emissions: The case of coal fired power plants under China Pakistan economic corridor
Abstract Pakistan stands as the seventh most vulnerable country in the debate of climate change. The trail of changes occurring in the natural climate in the country is mainly linked to an increasedExpand