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This paper describes integration of an advanced composite high-K gate stack (4nm TaSiO x-2nm InP) in the In 0.7 Ga 0.3 As quantum-well field effect transistor (QWFET) on silicon substrate. The composite high-K gate stack enables both (i) thin electrical oxide thickness (t OXE) and low gate leakage (J G) and (ii) effective carrier confinement and high(More)
This paper presents for the first time MEMS tuneable filters, where the reconfiguration of the filter is achieved by moving the sidewalls of a 3D micromachined transmission line. The sidewalls of the transmission line are moved by MEMS electrostatic actuators completely integrated into the ground layers of a thick-film coplanar waveguide. Multi-step(More)
This paper reports on two novel concepts of area-efficient ultra-wideband microelectromechanical systems (MEMS) reconfigurable coupled line directional couplers, whose coupling is tuned by mechanically changing the geometry of 3-D micromachined coupled transmission lines, utilizing integrated MEMS electrostatic actuators. Concept 1 is based on symmetrically(More)
This paper presents for the first time a novel concept of a MEMS waveguide switch based on a reconfigurable surface, whose working principle is to short-circuit or to allow for free propagation of the electrical field lines of the TE10 mode of a WR-12 rectangular waveguide. This transmissive surface is only 30 μm thick and consists of up to 1260(More)
This paper presents a novel concept of RF microelectromechanical systems (MEMS) tunable capacitors based on the lateral displacement of the sidewalls of a 3-D micromachined coplanar transmission line. The tuning of a single device is achieved in multiple discrete and well-defined tuning steps by integrated multi-stage MEMS electrostatic actuators that are(More)
This paper investigates an implementation of RF MEMS tuneable capacitors based on the lateral displacement of the sidewalls of a three-dimensional micromachined coplanar transmission line. The concept achieves high Q since the mechanical actuation elements are completely de-coupled from the RF path, which is achieved by capacitive coupling of the ground(More)
A 60-year-old lady presented to us with a right upper abdominal mass. With a clinical diagnosis of liver tumor, she was evaluated with abdominal CT, MRI, nuclear scan, tumor markers, USG guided FNAC and other baseline investigations. On evaluation she had a massive right lobe tumor crossing the midline. In view of the ambiguous diagnosis she was subjected(More)
This paper describes the main results of the EU FP7 project TUMESA - MEMS tuneable metamaterials for smart wireless applications. In this project, we studied several reconfigurable antenna approaches that combine the new technology of MEMS with the new concept of artificial electromagnetic materials and surfaces (metamaterials and metasurfaces) for(More)