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High dependability, availability and fault-toleranceare open problems in Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA). The possibility of generating software applications by integrating services from heterogeneous domains, in a seamless way, makes worthwhile to face the challenges inherent to this paradigm. In order to ensure quality in service compositions, some(More)
Java Card is a version of Java developed to run on devices with severe storage and processing restrictions. The applets that run on these devices are frequently intended for use in critical, highly distributed, mobile conditions. They are required to be portable and safe. Often, the requirements of the application impose the use of dynamic, on-card(More)
The adoption of Cloud Computing technologies by the organizations has profound consequences on the way software applications are developed and used. The migration to the Cloud may be accompanied by the revision of the business process, to integrate tasks over big data. In this way, existing workflow implementations may be extended with calls to operations(More)
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