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ion of the Trin i ty idea. But the reconci l iation might have taken p lace on a qui te d i fferent basis provided by the vision i tself and i ts u nearthly [ 1 46] SEMIOTICS AND THE PHILOSOPHY OF LANGUAGE actua l i ty much to the d isadvantage of the Christ ian conception of God and no doubt to the sti l l greater disadvan tage of B rother Klaus himself,(More)
The MuG project has been designed and developed at “Istituto di Discipline dells Comunicazione”, University of Bologna, by D. Barbieri, B. Bassi, G. Blasi, A. Fogli, L. Freina, C. Marmo, M. Mattioli, P. Niccolai, D. Singer under supervision of Umberto Eco. The project has been sponsored by Olivetti. MuG is a hypermedia system providing a unitary(More)
Italian semiotician Umberto Eco (b. 1932) is a thinker of great versatility, whose interests span from the mediaeval world of aesthetic theory to contemporary debates about semiology, and whose publications address topics as diverse as the aesthetics of Thomas Aquinas and the sociology of jeans. He is also well known for his fictional writing which is(More)
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