Umaya M Musharrafieh

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OBJECTIVE To determine the prevalence period of intestinal parasites among presumably healthy subjects in Lebanon. METHODS One stool specimen from 2634 presumably healthy Lebanese subjects, mean age 32.1 years with a range of 14-71 years, resident of different areas in Lebanon was examined for the presence of parasites. The analysis took place in the(More)
BACKGROUND The Middle East is one of the most rapidly growing destination for travelers. Objective. The aim of this study was to determine the medical conditions affecting travelers needing medical assistance in Bahrain International Airport (BIA). METHOD Logbook documenting medical conditions of travelers presenting to the BIA clinic from January 1 till(More)
OBJECTIVE Policy makers need data on the prevalence of infection with HBV in order to determine the cost effectiveness of universal immunization against hepatitis B. This study aims at determining the prevalence rate of infection with HBV in a basically healthy group of Lebanese adults. METHODS Sera from 2634 presumably healthy Lebanese individuals, mean(More)
BACKGROUND In December 2002, 74 medical students in the second preclinical years at the American University of Beirut (AUB) attended a workshop on basic communication skills (CS). The students watched video clips which demonstrated different communication skills and stages of the consultation, and role-played to try out ways they could improve the(More)
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