Umashankar N

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The authors have applied robotics based approach in formulating the generalized dynamic equations of motion of a bicycle system. The developed model is considerably more comprehensive than any of the existing models. The model formulation considers a bicycle system to be composed of three rigid bodies connected by revolute joints. The presented model(More)
The authors present an adaptive neuro-fuzzy controller for stabilizing an autonomous bicycle system. The controller has been designed and verified using simulation experiments in MATLAB. The controller has been found successful in balancing an autonomous bicycle system by running a generalized bicycle model under its control. The results show that it(More)
In the following paper, authors propose a sound theoretical basis for the foundation of perception based intelligent system design wherein a comprehensive model design procedure is established. Based on the proposed design model, a Rescuebot (rescue robot) design is implemented to show the effectiveness of perception based intelligent system design where(More)
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