Umar Shahbaz Khan

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This paper introduces a method for detecting electromyographic signals from the opening and closing (extension and flexion) of the hand as well as individual fingers. The method is ideally suited for active prosthesis. In this study, all steps and techniques i.e. signal acquisition, amplification and DC motor control using the EMG signals for the hand(More)
Pancreatic cancers are usually detected at an advanced stage and have poor prognosis. About one fifth of these arise from pancreatic cystic lesions. Yet not all lesions are precancerous, and imaging tools lack adequate accuracy for distinguishing precancerous from benign cysts. Therefore, decisions on surgical resection usually rely on endoscopic(More)
Brain computer interface decodes signals that the human brain generates and uses them to control external devices. The signals that are acquired are classified into movements on the basis of feature vector after being extracted from raw signals. This paper presents a novel method of classification of four finger movements (thumb movement, index finger(More)
A 2-Degrees of freedom powered prosthetic wrist actuator has been proposed that can provide the Abduction/Adduction & Flexion/Extension movements of the human wrist. The basic structure of the actuator is a Ball and Socket joint and the force is transmitted from the DC geared servo motors to the joint through the Bowden cables. The proposed design is(More)
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