Umar Saddique

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The present study showed the Sero-surveillance of Hemorrhagic septicemia in cattle and buffaloes in district Malakand, NWFP, Pakistan. The average geometric mean titre (GMT) was recorded against hemorrhagic septicemia in buffaloes in the range of 4.12 to 46.98, while those in cattle were recorded in the range of 4.45 to 46.40. In young buffalo calves,(More)
Organic farming of poultry has increased in recent years as the prophylactic use of antibiotics has come into disfavor. This study was conducted to explore the antiparasitic effect of a methanolic extract of Peganum harmala in broilers challenged with coccidiosis. For this purpose, 200 1-week-old broiler chicks were divided into five treatments: negative(More)
This study investigates the wild plant species for their phytoremediation potential of macro and trace metals (MTM). For this purpose, soil and wild plant species samples were collected along mafic and ultramafic terrain in the Jijal, Dubair, and Alpuri areas of Kohistan region, northern Pakistan. These samples were analyzed for the concentrations of MTM(More)
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