Umar S. Hameed

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Methylation of DNA CpG sites is a major mechanism of epigenetic gene silencing and plays important roles in cell division, development and carcinogenesis. One of its regulators is the 64-residue C-terminal Transcriptional Repressor Domain (the TRD) of MBD1, which recruits several repressor proteins such as MCAF1, HDAC3 and MPG that are essential for the(More)
— High level security is an essentially required in the communication and information sharing on the network clouds. Intrusion detection system (IDS) is being used to detect violations and malicious behavior over networks and hosts. Purpose of our paper is to provide an Intrusion detection system to detect and prevent the malicious behavior on the cloud(More)
MOTIVATION The inherent promiscuity of small molecules towards protein targets impedes our understanding of healthy versus diseased metabolism. This promiscuity also poses a challenge for the pharmaceutical industry as identifying all protein targets is important to assess (side) effects and repositioning opportunities for a drug. RESULTS Here, we present(More)
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