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Social media in higher education: A literature review of Facebook
The role of social media, in particular, Facebook, as an educational tool in higher education is analyzed and multiple benefits of Facebook usage for learning and teaching have been identified such as increased teacher-student and student-student interaction, improved performance, the convenience of learning and higher engagement. Expand
Level Up Your Strategy: Towards a Descriptive Framework for Meaningful Enterprise Gamification
  • Umar Ruhi
  • Psychology, Computer Science
  • ArXiv
  • 20 August 2015
The research findings presented in this article provide insights on key success factors for the effective adoption and institutionalization of enterprise gamification initiatives in organizations, and subsequently help them enhance the performance of their employees and drive positive business outcomes. Expand
An experiential learning pedagogical framework for enterprise systems education in business schools
An overview of current ERP curriculum design and teaching practices from the extant literature is provided, and a pedagogical framework for enterprise systems courses in business schools is proposed by drawing upon principles and postulates of experiential learning theory. Expand
CASS: a phonetically transcribed corpus of mandarin spontaneous speech
A collection of Chinese spoken language has been collected and phonetically annotated to capture spontaneous speech and language effects and will be used at the 2000 Johns Hopkins University Language Engineering Workshop by the project on Pronunciation Modeling of Mandarin Casual Speech. Expand
Social Media Analytics as a Business Intelligence Practice: Current Landscape & Future Prospects
Social media analytics is a nascent and emerging discipline that can help organizations formulate and implement measurement techniques for deriving insights from social media interactions and forExpand
Conceptualizing Blockchains: Characteristics & Applications
An overview of blockchain technology is presented, the blockchain's key functional characteristics are identified, a formal definition is built, and a discussion and classification of current and emerging blockchain applications are offered. Expand
Information quality and community municipal portal use
The need to pay attention to the information quality of community municipal portals is raised as a means of rallying citizen response to this new type of website specifically, as well as to local government websites more generally. Expand
Internal factors affecting the adoption and use of government websites
Key internal factors have a positive impact on the design and implementation of community municipal portals: cooperative partnerships, sound governance structures, strong leadership, effective systems development, sustainable funding and sound marketing. Expand
The Effect of Knowledge Management Context on Knowledge Management Practices: an Empirical Investigation
This paper presents recent research findings on the effects of organizational knowledge management (KM) context on KM practices. Data were collected at a large Canadian law firm via a Web-basedExpand