Umar Paputungan

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On the Indonesian island of Sulawesi, nonhuman primate pets come into frequent contact with humans, presenting the possibility of zoonotic and anthropozoonotic disease transmission. We collected fecal samples from 88 pet macaques representing six of the seven macaque species currently recognized as endemic to Sulawesi (Macaca nigra, M. nigrescens, M. hecki,(More)
The Sulawesi black macaque (Macaca nigra) population at Tangkoko Nature Reserve in North Sulawesi, Indonesia has been the focus of periodic study for over 30 years. The population has shown considerable decline during much of that time. Here we present the results of a long-term population survey of the Tangkoko M. nigra, conducted over the past decade, to(More)
Normal parturition should be completed without human interference, leaving a healthy heifer with a viable calf to avoid serious economic losses due to their increasing mortality. Calf birth weight (CBW) was reported to be the most important factor influencing calving difficulty. Considering those problems, this study was undertaken to estimate CBW using(More)
The most important polymorphism is mutation (transition of Thymine (T) to Cytosine (C)) at intron 3, detected by MspI enzyme-restriction in cattle. Uncontrolled breeding by artificial insemination (AI) technique could cause genetic in equilibrium of genotype frequency in animal population as a part of non random mating system. The objective of this research(More)
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