Umar Iqbal Choudhry

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BACKGROUND Accurate measurement of polyp size during colonoscopy is important because of the direct correlation of size with colon cancer. Major studies of colorectal neoplasms have measured polyp size differently. It is also well documented that endoscopists underestimate polyp size frequently. The goal of this prospective study was to determine which one(More)
Since 1992 there have been reports of proton pump inhibitors being associated with fundic gland-type gastric polyps. Endoscopic and histologic characteristics and natural history of these polyps have not been clearly defined. We performed a retrospective study of patients on long-term treatment with proton pump inhibitors who developed gastric polyps.(More)
In this paper we propose several mapping schemes for streaming video generated by state–of–the–art H.264 codec over IEEE 802.11e enabled wireless LANs. The schemes take advantage of both 802.11e’s QoS mechanism and some novel features of the H.264 codec, so as to protect the most important information in terms of visual quality and reduce distortion under(More)
BACKGROUND It has been customary to initiate feeding through percutaneous endoscopic gastrostomy (PEG) tubes 24 hours or more after placement of these tubes. Recent changes in practice environment and emphasis on early discharge of hospitalized patients prompted us to evaluate early PEG feeding in a randomized prospective manner. METHODS Forty-one(More)
Increasing evidence exists of the occurrence of sphincter of Oddi dysfunction in patients with an intact gallbladder. Optimal therapy for such patients has not been defined. From 1989 to 1991, 35 patients with sphincter of Oddi dysfunction (abnormal basal sphincter pressure > 40 mm Hg) and an intact gallbladder were identified. The patients with abnormal(More)
PURPOSE To document and describe the experiences of immigrant nurses of colour who have filed grievances concerning their employers' discriminatory practices; and to solicit their views of existing policies and recommendations for equity in professional life. DESIGN AND METHODS In this descriptive, exploratory study nine immigrant nurses of colour in(More)
Presented here are two cases in which two esophageal lumens were identified at endoscopy. One patient had a history of antireflux surgery and both patients had received esophageal dilations. Both patients have done poorly with standard esophageal dilation and are not considered likely to gain from surgery. The mechanism of formation of the second lumen is(More)
Teleconferencing solutions such as VoIP conferencing systems employ acoustic echo cancellers to reduce echoes that are resulted from the coupling between loudspeaker and microphone. While echo cancellation in itself is a very delicate and complex task, requiring an exact modeling of the echo generating environment and a great amount of fine tuning in(More)