Umar Ibn Abubakar

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Pseudoachalasia presents typically like achalasia. It account for only 2.4-4% of patients presenting with achalasia-like symptoms. Clinical, radiologic and endoscopic findings resemble those of achalasia but treatment and prognosis are different in these conditions. The aim of this review is to give an overview of the condition and highlight challenges in(More)
A best evidence topic in cardiothoracic surgery was written according to a structured protocol. The question addressed was, 'is there an increased risk of cancer in a non-resected corrosive oesophageal stricture?' Altogether, 133 papers were found using the reported search; six papers were identified that provided the best evidence to answer the question.(More)
INTRODUCTION Plexiformneurofibromas (PNFs) are benign nerve tumours resulting from aberrant growth of cells of nerve sheath. PNFs are generally painless, slow growing neoplasms. Although most neoplasms are asymptomatic, they can be particularly debilitating due to their potential to grow to very large sizes. They have potential for transformation into(More)
OBJECTIVES Our experience with the use of Warden's procedure for the repair of sinus venosus ASD with anomalous right upper pulmonary venous connection. METHOD Fifty-eight patients had Warden's procedure from September 2008 to May 2011. The demographic data, preoperative and postoperative ECG, aortic cross-clamp time, cardiopulmonary bypass time, Holter(More)
BACKGROUND Congenital disorders are structural, metabolic, behavioral and functional disorders that are present at birth. Their manifestations are protean ranging from mild anomalies to life-threatening conditions. AIM The objectives of this study were to describe the congenital anomalies in children seen at Federal Medical Center, Bida over a 12 month(More)
BACKGROUND: Papillary carcinoma of the breast is a rare malignant tumour accounting for 1% 2% of all breast cancers in women. Papillary carcinomas of the chest wall are always secondary to thyroid, thymus and ovaries. Other variants of breast cancer metastasizing to the chest wall have been reported. CASE: We report a 67-year-old woman presented to us with(More)
OBJECTIVE A survey was undertaken to determine the factors that affect interest in cardiothoracic surgery (CTS) among junior surgical residents in Nigeria. METHODS A cross-sectional study was done using a pilottested, 56-item, semi-structured questionnaire, which was filled in by 238 junior surgical residents in accredited hospitals in Nigeria. RESULTS(More)
Lipomas have been variously described as “universal tumors” or “ubiquitous”. 1 They could occur virtually in every part of the human body where cells are found. These slow-growing benign tumors of fatty tissue have been described in all age groups. Mostly reported are those lipomas involving internal body organs and cavities, which usually present with(More)