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The prevention, interception, and correction of dentofacial deformities also depend largely on a proper understanding of craniofacial growth and development. For growth modification to be successful, it is absolutely essential that its start at the right time. The aim of the present study was to assess mandibular size and cervical vertebrae maturation in(More)
OBJECTIVES To investigate changes in abdominal circumference (AC) and umbilical artery pulsatility index (UA-PI) with gestation in fetuses with isolated gastroschisis, and to determine whether a relationship exists between UA-PI and fetal AC. METHODS Data from 58 pregnancies with isolated gastroschisis diagnosed at between 24 and 36 weeks' gestation were(More)
One hundred children from age 4 to 11 years with healthy and fully erupted primary second molars and permanent first molars were included in the study. After taking impression in alginate and pouring in the dental stone, maximum mesiodistal width was measured with digital vernier caliper for primary second molars and first permanent molars. Data were(More)
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