Umar Chowdhary

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Concrete industry is one of the largest consumers of natural resources due to which sustainability of concrete industry is under threat. The environmental and economic concern is the biggest challenge concrete industry is facing. In this paper, the issues of environmental and economic concern are addressed by the use of waste glass as partial replacement of(More)
12 institutionalized elderly men (those over 65 yr.) participated in an investigation to assess the influence of control on the self-esteem (feelings of self-worth) of the respondents. Langer's 1983 concept of perception of control guided the use of a modified pretest-posttest design. Analysis indicated that having input in decision-making process can(More)
The study focused on identifying the apparel needs of older men and women in a midwestern county. A survey technique was used to collect data on older peoples' preferences for apparel including accessories, most preferred items, identified similarity with previous apparel choices, and identification of buyer of the apparel. Descriptive statistics were used(More)
507 older men and women (65 yr. or over) participated in an investigation of relationship between clothing-related behavior of older men and women and self-perceived somatotypes. Analysis indicated that body-type was significantly related to significance of apparel, self-esteem, and chronological age. No sex differences were found in perception of(More)
70 interested elderly (65 yr. and over) men and women participated in an investigation of older consumers' apparel-shopping behavior and satisfactions and dissatisfactions with available clothing and facilities. Analysis showed that the participants considered shopping ease, wide variety, and label/brand as some of the important factors while shopping for(More)
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