Umaporn Supasitthimethee

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When a user accesses a resource, the accounting process at the server side does the job of keeping track of the resource usage so as to charge the user. In cloud computing, a user may use more than one service provider and need two independent service providers to work together. In this user-centric context, the user is the owner of the information and has(More)
In the research field of XML retrieval with keyword-based approach, a variant of Lowest Common Ancestors (LCAs) have been widely accepted to provide how keywords are connected by ancestor relationship. However, returning a whole subtree or a partial subtree based on LCA nodes is insufficient for identifying how subtrees are conceptually related under(More)
Thailand has become an ageing society. The consequences of the situation appear to be an issue for health organizations to prepare efficient, safe and equitable health care for an aging population. Throughout the past decades, technology has been frequently utilized because it has provided new methods to support the facilitate health care services. In this(More)
Nowadays, Thailand has become an aged society. The elderly's mental health has decreased resulting from physiological changes. At present, technology has connect everything to the world of the Internet called the Internet of Things (IoT). IoT can be applied to many ways, which can improve the quality of life and reduce spaces between the elderly and(More)
Cyclotides are a family of triple disulfide cyclic peptides with exceptional resistance to thermal/chemical denaturation and enzymatic degradation. Several cyclotides have been shown to possess anti-HIV activity, including kalata B1 (KB1). However, the use of cyclotides as anti-HIV therapies remains limited due to the high toxicity in normal cells.(More)
The structure of the population pyramid has changed because of the rapid rise in the amount of population aged 60 years or over. Many regions of the world are moving into an aging society. Meanwhile, the information society is a society today; everything is connected to the internet. Social Networks play a huge role in the daily lives of many young people.(More)