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With the popularization of Internet and formation of wireless technologies provide significant impact on Internet and Communication Technologies. These technologies have support of one of famous technique known as Adhoc Network. Adhoc Networks are assortment of mobile nodes connected by wireless links and also receiving attention in the scientific(More)
In Wireless Ad Hoc Network environment, there are three ways to understand a routing protocol: (i) monitoring, (ii) simulation and (iii) modeling. In this paper, the different trust based secure routing protocols used in wireless ad hoc networks are analyzed, modeled and described by incorporating process flow diagrams. These process flow diagrams represent(More)
Routing algorithm has been the various issues in MANETs for a long time due to dynamic nature introduced by the mobility of nodes. This paper summarizes the classification of the Ad Hoc networks routing protocols along with emphasizing on the table-driven class of protocols. The goal of such an ad hoc network routing protocol is correct and efficient route(More)
Information retrieval is an essential activity for extraction of information from unstructured data. This data uses simpler data model rather than traditional column database which is based on Boolean and Vector space model. There is need to focus on process like information gathering, observation and data encryption process for communication among sensor(More)
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