Umang Sharma

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BACKGROUND Little is known about strategies for developing teaching cases and strategies for identifying design features that optimize a learner's interactions with Web-based cases. PURPOSES We examined design features in Web cases that facilitated interactive and engaging learning. METHODS Nine collaborators reviewed selected Web cases and documented(More)
Clinical evaluation and chest x-ray are recommended for asymptomatic patients with a positive purified protein derivative (PPD) test result, to exclude the slight possibility of active tuberculosis (TB). Patients with radiographic evidence of old (healed) TB infection should also undergo sputum testing (strength of recommendation [SOR]: C, expert opinion).(More)
We investigate the extent to which we can infer social ties between a pair of users in an online social network Twitter, based on their common activities defined by the number of common celebrity profiles they are following. In this work, we analyze the list of celebrities that a set of Twitter users are following in December 2013 to infer the social ties(More)
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