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An important skill considered part of intelligent behavior is Abstract Thinking and Decision Making which includes thinking about a problem and reaching a decision after reasoning about its different aspects. This aspect of intelligent behavior has not recieved much attention and most of the cognitive architectures present today either focus more on the(More)
The Microstrip Patch Antenna design for new emerging technologies is an area of extensive research these days because of their low profile and ease of fabrication. Antenna design presented in this paper is well suited for Wi-MAX and WLAN application. The antenna is providing-10dB bandwidth of 4. 14GHz from frequency 2. 5GHz to 6. 6GHz which is coming under(More)
In this paper, a skewed Frequency Selective Surface (FSS) absorber based on cross-dipole elements is presented. The proposed FSS design provides good frequency stability for oblique incidences. It provides better absorption rate for 5-GHz WLAN frequency band and allow other communication bands to pass through it. Also, the absorption in the stop-band(More)
An intelligent agent situated in some environment needs to know the preferred states it is expected to achieve so that it can work towards achieving them. The preferred states the agent has selected to achieve at a given time are its"goals". One popular approach for deciding which preferred state to adopt as goal at a given time is to assign utility values(More)
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