Umair Farooq

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In this work, VLSI architecture of H.263+ video codec is described. H.263+ has 12 negotiable modes to increase the error resilience and improve the coding performance. Our implementation is concentrated with two of the modules i.e. supplemental enhancement information (SEI) module and modified quantization (MQ) module. In the SEI module, an adaptive(More)
In this paper, intellectual property (IP) core for unfolded direct form finite impulse response (FIR) filter is proposed for reusable system design. The designed core is programmable and parameterized in terms of data bits, coefficient bits, filter order and type of filter (low pass, high pass, band pass etc). The IP core is described in Verilog HDL and the(More)
A simple design for a circularly polarized single-feed microstrip square patch antenna is presented. The design method consists of incorporating a narrow slot at the center of microstrip patch, producing a triangle over the slot and placing a single feed along the diagonal of the square patch. By adjusting the dimensions of the narrow slot and triangle, a(More)
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