Umair Azfar Khan

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Role-Playing Games (RPGs) provide the user with a story where the decisions taken by the user move the story forward. Apart from the user, there are many Non-Playable Characters (NPCs) in the games that provide coherence to the overall story. These characters however have limited choices and functionality and always behave the same way in a game. The(More)
In this paper the authors present a new approach by which a random story with random characters can be generated by the use of Genetic Algorithms. Stories are a collection of several tasks done by the characters in a certain sequence. If every task is taken as an independent entity, random distribution of these tasks can create a new story. We can then use(More)
BACKGROUND Recent studies have identified the diagnostic challenge of low-grade infections after shoulder arthroplasty surgery. Infections after nonarthroplasty procedures have not been reported. This study assessed patient-related risk factors, outcomes, and clinical presentation of low-grade infection after open and arthroscopic nonarthroplasty shoulder(More)
A machine was built to produce thin fibers of polymer gel. Gels are crosslinked networks of polymers suspended in a solvent. Under certain conditions, gels have been observed to undergo reversible, discontinuous changes in volume. Gel fibers could be used to create flexible actuators whose mass can be distributed conformally with the underlying mechanical(More)
The multiscale transient event detector (TED) introduced in [l] uses measurements of current and voltage made at the utility service entry of a building to help determine the operating schedule of all of the significant loads in the buildhg. This paper describes a TED algorithm implemented on a custom multiprocess-ing machine with several inexpensive(More)
Following cardiac transplantation, many patients develop chronic deterioration of graft function, which may lead to a clinical syndrome similar to native chronic heart failure (CHF). This condition of chronic cardiac graft failure (CGF) may also share pathophysiological processes comparable with that of CHF. However, the unique environment following cardiac(More)
Reusability is a phenomenon that has been long known. Initially in a low scale, at the levels of functions in the programs, and later in it's alter avatar, in form of Component Based Software Engineering (CBSE). Reusability was the key factor around which CBSE revolved. But later, it was observed that even a more stringent factor was involved that marked(More)
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