Uma Shanker Tiwary

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This paper describes a new method for moving object tracking, using complex wavelet transform. Real-valued wavelet transform is widely used in tracking applications, but it suffers from shift-sensitivity. Daubechies complex wavelet transform is more suitable for tracking due to approximate shift-invariance nature. The proposed method is intelligent enough(More)
The link layer routing protocols LOAD (6lowpan Ad Hoc On-Demand Distance Vector Routing) and DYMO-low (Dynamic MANET On-demand for 6lowpan) are integrated in 6lowpan stack. The stack is less complicated and it support IPv6 enabled packets route for biomedical data. Both routing protocols are modified and developed new approach for patient healthcare(More)
Spatial data mining is a demanding field since huge amounts of spatial data have been collected in various applications, ranging form Remote Sensing to GIS, Computer Cartography, Environmental Assessment and Planning. Although there have been efforts for spatial association rule mining, but mostly researchers discuss only the positive spatial association(More)
In this paper we have proposed a robust object tracking method using rough entropy and flux in wavelet domain. The tracking framework necessitates robust and efficient but accurate methods for segmentation and matching. The object is represented in wavelet domain features to minimize the effect of frame to frame variations and noise. The concept of(More)
The purpose of this paper is twofold: (i) to investigate the emotion representation models and find out the possibility of a model with minimum number of continuous dimensions and (ii) to recognize and predict emotion from the measured physiological signals using multiresolution approach. The multimodal physiological signals are: Electroencephalogram (EEG)(More)
Recommended by Dimitrios Tzovaras We present an adaptively accelerated Lucy-Richardson (AALR) method for the restoration of an image from its blurred and noisy version. The conventional Lucy-Richardson (LR) method is nonlinear and therefore its convergence is very slow. We present a novel method to accelerate the existing LR method by using an exponent on(More)