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The ‘Khasi hill sal’ forest ecosystem in Meghalaya, India represents the easternmost limit of sal distribution. We tested if tree diversity and compositional heterogeneity of this ecosystem was higher than other sal-dominated forests due to moister environment. Vegetation was sampled in 11 transects of 10 m width and up to 500 m length covering 5.2 ha area.(More)
BACKGROUND Permanent mandibular third molar are most commonly impacted teeth. In planning the surgical removal of mandibular third molar, correct diagnosis requires not only their precise spatial location, but also a thorough and accurate assessment of the intimate relationship with adjacent anatomical structures. Various imaging modalities have been used(More)
[1] The performance of the Multiscale Air Quality Simulation Platform (MAQSIP) in simulating the regional distributions of tropospheric ozone and particulate matter (PM) is evaluated through comparisons of model results from three-dimensional simulations against available surface and aircraft measurements. These applications indicate that the model captures(More)
Tree species diversity and population structure at different community types were described and analyzed for primary and secondary lowland moist deciduous forests in Tripura. Overall 10,957 individual trees belonging to 46 family, 103 genera and 144 species were counted at ≥30 cm DBH (diameter at breast height) using 28 permanent belt transects with a size(More)
Aluminum matrix composites (AMCs) refer to the class of light weight high performance aluminum centric material systems. The reinforcement in AMCs could be in the form of continuous/discontinuous fibers, whisker or particulates, in volume fractions. Properties of AMCs can be tailored to the demands of different industrial applications by suitable(More)
AIM To analyze the HDU requirement in an obstetric population in terms of utilization rate, indications for admission, interventions required and gestational outcome. SETTING AND DESIGN A retrospective observational study was carried out from May 2007 to May 2011 in the Dept. of Obstetrics and Gynecology and HDU of IPGME and R, Kolkata. MATERIALS AND(More)
In the present scenario of globalization and liberalization, it is imperative that Indian industries become fully conscious of the needs to produce reliable products meeting International standards. Reliability of a system can be maximized by attaching parallel components to each of the components in the system such that if one component fails, one of its(More)
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