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Gangliogliomas are rare benign tumors of the central nervous system containing neoplastic ganglion and low grade glial cells. In studying 10 surgically treated cases, we evaluated the clinical, pathological, radiological, and immunocytochemical features, with follow-up. Ranging from 18 to 58 years in age, 7 patients were women, and 3 were men. The most(More)
Virtually all the reports on muscle biopsy in chronic muscle pain conditions, except those of primary fibromyalgia syndrome (PFS) published recently, have inadequate methodologic information, particularly on definition of cases, and lack controlled materials, so that no firm conclusions may be made. A limited number of controlled studies of muscle biopsy in(More)
Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) has improved the diagnosis of several pathological entities of the brain. MRI especially has been credited with distinguishing demyelinating diseases of the central nervous system from other diseases. The presence of a mass effect in a demyelinating disorder, however, makes difficult the distinction between tumor and a(More)
Primary fibromyalgia syndrome, also inappropriately called "fibrositis," is a clinically recognizable nonarticular rheumatic condition with diffuse and chronic musculoskeletal aching and stiffness, accompanied by exaggerated tenderness at characteristic sites on physical examination. Results of muscle biopsy from 12 well-defined cases of primary(More)
Upper medial trapezius muscle biopsy was obtained from 12 primary fibromyalgia syndrome (PFS) patients (age 17 to 40 years) and studied with histochemistry, light and electron microscopy (EM). No evidence of inflammation was found in any case. Significant histochemical abnormalities were Type II fiber atrophy in 7 and moth-eaten appearance of Type I fibers(More)
Primary fibromyalgia syndrome (PFS) is a common form of nonarticular rheumatism with diffuse musculoskeletal aching and stiffness at multiple sites and tender points at characteristic locations. Nonmusculoskeletal "systemic" symptoms, eg, fatigue, poor sleep, irritable bowel symptoms, and chronic headaches, are also common. Although PFS is similar to(More)
Ten cases of sporadic cerebral amyloid angiopathy (CAA) were seen as intracranial hemorrhage. CAA was seen as a stroke or catastrophic intracranial hemorrhage in all cases. CAA complicated by intracranial hemorrhage carried a high mortality; 9 of 10 patients died in spite of aggressive medical or surgical treatment. Senile dementia of Alzheimer's type was(More)
A 60-year-old woman presented with stiff-person syndrome (SPS). Treatment with diazepam controlled her painful spasms initially. Two and one-half years after the onset of SPS, new spells of paroxysmal leg jerking and apnea developed. A spell was recorded with simultaneous video and polygraphic techniques that revealed simultaneous firing of motor unit(More)
Giant-celled glioblastoma multiforme is characterized by bizarre multinucleated giant cells with abundant eosinophilic cytoplasm, paucity of vascular endothelial proliferation, and increased reticulin fibers. It is considered by Rubinstein to be a variant of glioblastoma multiforme and by Zülch to be of mesenchymal origin. We studied retrospectively ten(More)