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This is the case report of a 14-year young female who was diagnosed with solitary bone plasmacytoma (SBP) of proximal tibia and was treated by local involved field radiotherapy. We present the clinical, radiological and pathological findings of the case and review of the available treatment options and prognosis of this rare site presentation of(More)
BACKGROUND AND AIMS While the molecular basis of dilated cardiomyopathy (DCM) remains uncertain, concrete evidence is emerging that sarcomeric and cytoskeleton gene expression of myocardium isolated from failing versus non-failing patients differ dramatically. The central aim to this work was to find out the possible role of dystrophin and titin along with(More)
INTRODUCTION Archival tissue samples preserved in formalin are a great source of treasure for biomedical research and diagnostics. Formalin, though is a good preservative, causes the modification of nucleic acid limiting the application of fixed tissues. The present study evaluated three methods of RNA extraction for constitutive gene expression and(More)
AIM The exact mechanism causing decreased expression of the vitamin D receptor (VDR) and calcium-sensing receptor (CASR) genes in parathyroid adenoma is not known, but methylation of promoter regions is often detected during epigenetic downregulation of gene expression. We investigated whether epigenetic silencing is involved in the decreased expression of(More)
Manuka honey (MH, 5g/kg) provided protection against trinitro-benzo-sulphonic acid induced colonic damage. Combination therapy (MH+sulfasalazine) also reduced colonic inflammation and all the biochemical parameters were significant compared to control and MH alone treated group. Combination therapy showed additive effect of the MH which restored lipid(More)
Follicular lymphoma is a relatively uncommon type of non-Hodgkin's lymphoma (NHL) thought to derive from follicular center cells. There are limitations to fine-needle aspiration in the diagnosis of follicular NHL, and very few studies are available on it. We describe here the cytomorphologic features of eight biopsy-proven cases of follicular NHLs and five(More)
OBJECTIVE Paget's disease of bone has been described as a few case reports from India. The aim of the present study is to document the existence of Paget's disease (PD) in India. MATERIAL AND METHODS We describe demography, clinical manifestations, biochemical and radiological profile and the treatment outcome of 21 patients of PD. RESULTS Mean (+/-SD)(More)
Mucormycosis is an uncommon systemic mycosis affecting the immunocompromised individuals. It is usually caused by organisms of the genera Rhizopus and Mucor, although rarely other organisms have also been implicated. Mycoses due to these angioinvasive fungi have an acute onset, rapidly progressive course with high mortality rate. A rare and less well known(More)
Coxsackieviral myocarditis is associated with systemic involvement in neonates; however, fulminant coxsackieviral myocarditis is rare in adults, and its dissemination with fatal myocarditis involving kidneys, liver, and adrenal is further rarely reported. We report a case of fulminant myocarditis along with dissemination of coxsackievirus, which was(More)