Uma Lakshmanan

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Cyanobacterial KnowledgeBase (CKB) is a free access database that contains the genomic and proteomic information of 74 fully sequenced cyanobacterial genomes belonging to seven orders. The database also contains tools for sequence analysis. The Species report and the gene report provide details about each species and gene (including sequence features and(More)
UNLABELLED SynRio is a Shiny and R based web analysis portal for viewing Synechocystis PCC 6803 genome, a cyanobacterial genome with data analysis capabilities. The web based user interface is created using R programming language powered by Shiny package. This web interface helps in creating interactive genome visualization based on user provided data(More)
Distributed multimedia presentation mechanisms lending to self- content adaptation are required in order to support heterogeneous devices and to incorporate user preferences in the presentations prior to their play-out. In this paper, we propose a proxy-based architectural framework where several services are available for content adaptation as the content(More)
The marine cyanobacterium Phormidium valderianum BDU 140441 exhibited the ability to grow at 0.25 mM tannic acid, a known hindering chemical for microbial growth. The tannic acid-degrading ability of the organism is evident from the UV–visible absorption spectrum. In addition, the existence of tannase has been localized by activity staining, and its(More)
Cyanobacterial diazotrophs play a significant role in environmental nitrogen economy despite their habitat either tropical or polar. However, the phenomenon by which it copes with temperature induced stress is poorly understood. Temperature response study of psychrophilic and mesophilic Nostoc strains explores their adaptive mechanisms. The selected(More)
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