Uma Kannan

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– The utilization of industrial and agricultural waste produced by industrial process has been the focus of waste reduction research for economical, environmental and technical reasons. This is because over 300 million tones of industrial waste are being produced per annual by agricultural and industrial process in India. The problem arising from continuous(More)
One of the major setbacks of Orthogonal Frequency Multipiexing. (OFDM) is its peak-to-avcrage power ratio (PAPR). I n this paper, an investigation of block coded amplitude clipping and filtering method to reduce further the PAPR in OFDM system is presented. The BER performance of this method is also analyzed. It is show1 through simulation that the block(More)
The remote control of the electrical conductance through nanosized junctions at room temperature will play an important role in future nano-electromechanical systems and electronic devices. This can be achieved by exploiting the magnetostriction effects of ferromagnetic materials. Here we report on the electrical conductance of magnetic nanocontacts(More)
This paper presents a study which synthesizes the various phases of software development and analyze the impact of pairing on each phases of the software development. The main aim of this paper is to find out whether pairing up of developers is required in all the phases of software development, or if there an alternate way to minimize the pair-up times(More)
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