Uma G. Gupta

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Case-Based Reasoning (CaBR) systems, by their nature, have a built-in set of test cases in their case library. Effective use of this unusual feature can facilitate the validation process by minimizing the involvement of domain experts in the process. This can reduce the cost of the validation process, and eliminate the subjective component introduced by(More)
Next to the financial sector, the manufacturing industry is the second largest investor in information systems (IS) and technologies (IT). However, in recent years, many CEOs have expressed skepticism and disappointment on the returns from investments in IS. There is reluctance on the part of these CEOs to continue to invest in IS because of a nagging(More)
Effects of xylose on xylanase production by a thermophilic Bacillus sp showed diverse patterns on corn cob (CC) and wheat bran (WB) as sole carbon sources in solidstate fermentation (SSF) and submerged fermentation (SmF). Supplementation of these media with either mineral salt solution (MSS) or yeast extract peptone (YEP) also exerted variable effects.(More)
In the last several years, validating and verifying (V&V) expert systems has come a long way with a steady increase in the number of articles that emphasize the importance of reliable and rigorous test tools for the success of expert systems [5]. There are several reasons why V&V is critical for intelligent systems. First, mission-critical applications(More)
Hypoglycemic and antihyperglycemic effect of seed extract of Acacia tortilis was evaluated in normoglycaemic and alloxan-induced (135 mg/Kg body weight, i.p) diabetic rats. The extract (200 mg/kg body weight) significantly lowered the blood glucose levels to an extent comparable to that produced by standard Oral hypoglycaemic drug (Gliclazide 22 mg/Kg body(More)
Aim: The present study investigates the effect of Ramipril on blood sugar level and interaction with the oral anti-diabetic drugs in alloxan induced diabetic rats. Method: Rats were divided into 10 groups (n = 6) where Group I –II were normal and Group III –X were diabetic. Ramipril at the dose of 0.9 mg/kg body weight were administered to the normal and(More)
1. ABSTRACT The convergence of several key economic, social, and technological factors in organizations and in our society, in general, has created a serious shortage of information systems (IS) professionals. In fact, the shortage is expected to increase to such drastic proportions that the US government has declared the shortage an issue of national(More)
The radioprotective efficacy of a hydro-alcoholic extracted material from the bark of Alstonia scholaris (ASE) was studied in mice against radiation-induced hematological and biochemical alterations. Swiss albino mice were administered ASE (100 mg/kg body weight/d for 5 consecutive day) orally prior to whole-body gamma irradiation (7.5 Gy). Radiation(More)