Ulziijargal Gurjav

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A recent report demonstrated that JC virus (JCV) employs serotonin receptor 2A (5HT(2A)R) to infect the glial cells. To assess the ability of a potent 5HT(2A)R blocker, risperidone, to inhibit JCV infection, the authors treated primary human fetal glial (PHFG) cells in vitro with risperidone for 24 h and inoculated with JCV(Mad1). There was no significant(More)
BACKGROUND Molecular epidemiology of Mycobacterium tuberculosis, its transmission dynamics and population structure have become important determinants of targeted tuberculosis control programs. Here we describe recent changes in the distribution of M. tuberculosis genotypes in New South Wales (NSW), Australia and compared strain types with drug resistance,(More)
Australia has a low tuberculosis incidence rate with most cases occurring among recent immigrants. Given suboptimal cluster resolution achieved with 24-locus mycobacterium interspersed repetitive unit (MIRU-24) genotyping, the added value of whole genome sequencing was explored. MIRU-24 profiles of all Mycobacterium tuberculosis culture-confirmed(More)
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