Ulysse Asseline

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Amsacrine-4-carboxamide-oligonucleotide conjugates were synthesized and studied for their capacity to form DNA triple helices and to alter human topoisomerase II binding and cleavage properties. The(More)
The effect of interaction with DNA and oligonucleotides on the photophysical properties of two thiazole orange (TO) derivatives, with different side chains (-(CH2)3-N+(CH3)3 and -(CH2)6-I)) linked to(More)
An octathymidylate was synthesized with the alpha anomer of thymidine instead of the naturally occurring beta anomer. This oligonucleotide binds to complementary sequences containing(More)
Single and multiple incorporations of stereochemically pure modified dinucleoside-phosphoramidates involving substituent groups ending with bis-hydroxyethyl and bis-aminoethyl groups have been(More)