Ulrike Tittelbach

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OBJECTIVE Several studies have shown that underground salt miners may have an increased incidence of chest symptoms and sometimes decreased lung function. Miners of two salt mines were investigated to evaluate relationships between the lung function and the workplace exposure. The effect of nitrogen monoxide (NO) and nitrogen dioxide (NO(2)) was(More)
U. Kreimeier, München Notfall Rettungsmed 2007 · 10:13–22 DOI 10.1007/s10049-006-0884-1 Online publiziert: 25. Januar 2007 © Springer Medizin Verlag 2007 H.-A. Adams1 · Chr. Altheim2 · S. Knopf3 · B. Krause-Dietering4 · U. Kreimeier5 *· L. Latasch6 · H. Lemke7 · Th. Luiz8 · J. Pfefferkorn9 · J. Schmidt10 · W.-H. Storch11 · D. Stratmann12 · U. Tittelbach13 ·(More)
OBJECTIVES Air pollutants can affect lung function and also the immune system. In a study about lung function of salt miners in relation to the complex exposure in a salt mine, we also analysed selected immunological parameters and inflammation markers in the blood of miners. Effect of salt dust, diesel exhaust, nitrogen oxides (NOx) and smoking on the(More)
The hypertonic effect of lead has been known since the beginning of the twentieth century, but now - under better situation of exposure - the lead's effects on the cardiovascular system are controversially discussed. For a direct effect of lead on the heart there are only references in animals. We examined lead exposed workers and control persons using(More)
Soluble intercellular adhesion molecule 1 (s-ICAM-1) was evaluated as biomarker indicating inflammatory processes in the airways of persons exposed to salt dust, ceramic dust and flour dust. ICAM values in the serum of these workers were related to airway symptoms, lung function (FEV1), inhalable dust dose and tobacco consumption. A weak relation was found(More)
In 223 healthy people and patients with obstructive lung diseases we examined the degree of cardiopulmonary exhaustion during two ergometric stress tests (Ergooxytensiometrie [EOT] and submaximal Ergostasetest [ET]). Main purpose of the study was to look for differences between sexes in the degree of exhaustion in relation to the type of stress test, thus(More)