Ulrike Sommer

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UNLABELLED This study investigates the effects of kyphoplasty on pain and mobility in patients with osteoporosis and painful vertebral fractures compared with conventional medical management. INTRODUCTION Pharmacological treatment of patients with primary osteoporosis does not prevent pain and impaired activity of patients with painful vertebral(More)
The response of psoriasis to antibodies targeting the interleukin (IL)-23/IL-17A pathway suggests a prominent role of T-helper type-17 (Th17) cells in this disease. We examined the clinical and immunological response patterns of 100 subjects with moderate-to-severe psoriasis receiving 3 different intravenous dosing regimens of the anti-IL-17A antibody(More)
BACKGROUND This study compares plasma endothelin-1 (ET-1) levels in patients with diabetes mellitus or hypertension with healthy controls, and investigates whether ET-1 levels are correlated with glycemic control, metabolic parameters, and vascular complications. METHODS The study population consisted of 103 patients with type 1 diabetes, 124 patients(More)
Recently, an insertional mutation in the ferritin-L gene was reported in some patients with familial basal ganglia degeneration, which, however, could not be detected in another Parkinson's disease (PD) population. We investigated 186 PD patients, in whom an increased amount of iron of the substantia nigra (SN) was priorly identified by transcranial(More)
Two isoforms of the androgen receptor (AR-A and AR-B), differing by a lack of the first 187 amino acids in the NH2-terminal transactivation domain of AR-A, are expressed in connective tissue and bone. Transient transfections of normal human osteoblastic cells (HOB) and of genital skin fibroblasts defective in AR (GSF-540) were utilized to compare the(More)
Despite the availability of various tools for creating dynaniic HTML pages, the development of database applications in the World Wide Web is still relatively costly. Many dynamic HTML pages are needed for making a database comprehensively accessible via the web. This paper presents a toolkit for connecting existing relational databases to the web without(More)
Adhesion of bone cells to the extracellular matrix is a crucial requirement for osteoblastic development and function. Adhesion receptors connect the extracellular matrix with the cyto-skeleton and convey matrix deformation into the cell. We tested the hypothesis that sex hormones modulate mechanoperception of human osteoblastic cells (HOB) by affecting(More)
BACKGROUND Calcium phosphate cements are used frequently in orthopedic and dental surgeries. Strontium-containing drugs serve as systemic osteoblast-activating medication in various clinical settings promoting mechanical stability of the osteoporotic bone. METHODS Strontium-containing calcium phosphate cement (SPC) and calcium phosphate cement (CPC) were(More)