Ulrike Seifert

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As acute hepatitis C virus (HCV) infection is clinically inapparent in most cases, the immunologic correlates of recovery are not well defined. The cellular immune response is thought to contribute to the elimination of HCV-infected cells and a strong HCV-specific T-helper-cell (Th) response is associated with recovery from acute hepatitis C (ref. 2).(More)
BACKGROUND/AIMS Hepatitis C infection is characterized by a high incidence of liver cirrhosis, frequently requiring liver transplantation. After orthotopic liver transplantation, recurrence of hepatitis C virus infection is common, but often difficult to differentiate from allograft rejection. In this context the role and diagnostic value of hepatitis C(More)
OBJECTIVES Hyperhidrosis of a residual limb after amputation is one of the most common reasons for impaired prosthesis use and quality of life and affects 30-50% of all amputees causing skin irritation in about 25%. Thus the probability of residual limb pain increases in addition to an increased likelihood of phantom pain due to shorter duration of(More)
Laparoscopic cholecystectomy has become the standard treatment for symptomatic cholecystolithiasis. The most common complications, as current experiences show, are bleeding, bile duct injury and non-technical complications like pneumonia. In some individual cases ischemic lesions of bowel by injury or thrombosis of intestinal vessels are described. Here we(More)
The effect of different invitation models on participation in cervical cancer screening (CCS) was investigated in a randomized population-based cohort study in Germany. Participants were randomly selected via population registries and randomized into intervention Arm A (invitation letter) and Arm B (invitation letter and information brochure) or control Arm(More)
To investigate possible causes of abortion (and intrauterine foetal death) we reviewed clinical and morphological data of foetuses and placentas morphologically from 830 spontaneous abortions seen during a 12 years period (1978-1989) at the Institute of Pathology, University of Leipzig, and the Pathological Institute of Hoyerswerda. Our review showed that(More)
BACKGROUND The latex of Hevea brasiliensis trees contains a complex proteome that includes a range of allergenic proteins. Current latex extracts that are used for the diagnosis of latex allergy still lack important allergens. We aimed to devise a production process for an improved reagent that would ideally contain the complete latex allergome. METHODS(More)
BACKGROUND Primary sclerosing cholangitis is most often diagnosed in middle-aged men who are suffering from inflammatory bowel diseases. CASE REPORT A young, previously healthy woman presents with icterus of acute onset, high transaminases and positive hepatitis B virus serology. Ultrasound and nuclear magnetic resonance images demonstrate multiple liver(More)