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Replacement of fish meal with poultry by-product meal in practical diets for Litopenaeus vannamei, and digestibility of the tested ingredients and diets
The use of poultry by-product meal-pet food grade (PBM-PFG, 66% crude protein) as a substitute for a fish meal blend (FM, a 50/50 mix of American menhaden meal and Mexican sardine meal, 65% averageExpand
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Three-phase bone scintigraphy of hydroxyapatite ocular implants
Hydroxyapatite ocular implants are replicas of lamellar bone tissue derived from the exoskeleton of a reef-building coral by a hydrothermal chemical exchange reaction. Attached to the eye muscles,Expand
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Temperature Dependence of the Steering Angles of a Silicon Photonic Optical Phased Array
Silicon photonic optical phased arrays leveraging from the well established CMOS fabrication process have become promising candidates to realize miniaturized beam steering systems. While differentExpand
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CMOS-Compatible Measures for Thermal Management of Phase-Sensitive Silicon Photonic Systems
To date, several photonic applications have been demonstrated without considerable thermal management efforts. However, in phase-sensitive photonic applications, thermal management becomes of utmostExpand
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Novel Measures for Thermal Management of Silicon Photonic Optical Phased Arrays
Silicon photonics has become a promising technology for fabrication of compact, highly integrated systems. When dealing with phase sensitive silicon photonic components, however, temperature controlExpand
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Pressure sensor and method of calibration
The invention relates to a method for calibrating a pressure sensor, which has a movable membrane via a cavity, said deflected for calibrating the diaphragm by an electrostatic force, and thisExpand
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The micromechanical sound transducer and its production method
His device micromechanical transducer having an electrical circuit board (1) having a front face (VS) and rear face (RS). The front face (VS) has a sound micromechanical transducer structure (3)Expand
Component having a micromechanical microphone structure and process for its preparation
It proposes a component with a stable but acoustically sensitive microphone structure as well and a simple and cost-effective process for producing it. This microphone device comprises anExpand
Microelectromechanical sound detection apparatus and methods for producing such
The invention relates to a microelectromechanical sound detection device, comprising a substrate, a housing, at least one opening for the passage of sound, and a micro-electromechanical element forExpand
Component carrier and component with a MEMS device on such a component carrier
Es wird ein Bauelementtrager vorgeschlagen, der eine kostengunstige, platzsparende und stressarme Verpackung von MEMS-Bauelementen mit einer sensiblen Struktur ermoglicht. Der Bauelementtrager (130)Expand