Ulrike Muschaweck

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The repair of umbilical and epigastric hernias still represents a challenge to surgeons. Although a common and relatively simple procedure, there is no exact protocol today on how the repair should be done. The Mayo technique and its alterations could not stand the test of time: a recurrence rate of 20% and higher is not acceptable for any surgical(More)
Groin injuries are a common occurrence in elite-level athletes. These injuries can cause significant pain and disability, leading to prolonged periods of inactivity and consternation among athletes, coaches, athletic trainers, and physicians alike. The differential diagnosis for groin pain is vast and spans multiple disciplines, including orthopaedics,(More)
CONTEXT Sportsmen's groin, also called sports hernia and Gilmore groin, is one of the most frequent sports injuries in athletes and may place an athletic career at risk. It presents with acute or chronic groin pain exacerbated with physical activity. So far, there is little consensus regarding pathogenesis, diagnostic criteria, or treatment. There have been(More)
BACKGROUND Heterogeneous taxonomy of groin injuries in athletes adds confusion to this complicated area. AIM The 'Doha agreement meeting on terminology and definitions in groin pain in athletes' was convened to attempt to resolve this problem. Our aim was to agree on a standard terminology, along with accompanying definitions. METHODS A one-day(More)
Sportsmen’s groin, also known as sportsman’s hernia, sports hernia, (athletic) pubalgia or athletic hernia, especially in professional sportsmen, is a difficult clinical problem, and may place an athlete’s career at risk. It presents with acute or chronic inguinal pain exacerbated with physical activity. So far, the diagnostic criteria and treatment(More)
For all 158 surgical operations performed on hernia recurrences throughout the period from March 2000 until the end of May 2001, we compared the intra-operative findings to the information contained in the operation reports--as far as available--as part of our quality management. In less than 20 % of the patients for whom a Shouldice repair had been(More)
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