Ulrike Lacher

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The human KOC gene which is highly expressed in cancer shows typical structural features of an RNA binding protein. We analyzed the temporal and spatial expression pattern of KOC in mouse embryos at different gestational ages. The expression of KOC seems to be ubiquitous at early stages. During advanced gestation highest KOC expression occurs in the gut,(More)
Die Typ I-Allergien gegen Latex sind in den vergangenen Jahren zu einem zunehmenden berufsdermatologischen Problem geworden, zumal mindestens 10% der Angestellten im Gesundheitswesen betroffen sind. In der Dermatologischen Klinik der Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg stieg die Anzahl der jährlich diagnostizierten Patienten mit Latexallergien von 1989 bis 1995(More)
Four gold(I) carbene complexes featuring 4-ferrocenyl-substituted imidazol-2-ylidene ligands were investigated for antiproliferative and antivascular properties. They were active against a panel of seven cancer cell lines, including multidrug-resistant ones, with low micromolar or nanomolar IC50 (72 h) values, according to their lipophilicity and cellular(More)
Adsorption studies in microporous organically pillared layered silicates (MOPS) show that precise control of micropore size in the sub-Ångström range is crucial for chiral discrimination. The highly modular character of MOPS generally allows for an optimization of guest recognition without the need to explore different framework topologies.
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