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PURPOSE Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI)-based techniques for assessing liver iron concentration (LIC) have been limited by single scanner calibration against biopsy. Here, the calibration of spin-density projection-assisted (SDPA) R2-MRI (FerriScan®) in iron-overloaded β-thalassemia patients treated with the iron chelator, deferasirox, for 12 months is(More)
OBJECTIVE Many patients with transfusional iron overload are at risk for progressive organ dysfunction and early death and poor compliance with older chelation therapies is believed to be a major contributing factor. Phase II/III studies have shown that oral deferasirox 20-30 mg/kg/d reduces iron burden, depending on transfusional iron intake. METHODS The(More)
Following 1-yr deferasirox therapy in the ESCALATOR study, 57% of previously chelated patients with β-thalassaemia achieved treatment success (maintenance of or reduction in liver iron concentration (LIC) vs. baseline LIC). Seventy-eight per cent had dose increases at median of 26 wk, suggesting that 1-yr results may not have reflected full deferasirox(More)
This analysis evaluated the effects of deferasirox on liver iron concentration in moderate and heavily iron-overloaded patients with β-thalassaemia from the ESCALATOR trial (n = 231). Mean liver iron concentrations (LIC) decreased significantly from 21.1 ± 8.2 to 14.2 ± 12.1 mg Fe/g dry weight (dw) at 2 yr (P < 0.001) in patients with LIC ≥ 7 mg Fe/g dw at(More)
This subgroup analysis evaluated the effect of once-daily oral deferasirox on labile plasma iron (LPI) levels in patients from the prospective, 1-yr, multicentre ESCALATOR study. Mean baseline liver iron concentration and median serum ferritin levels were 28.6 +/- 10.3 mg Fe/g dry weight and 6334 ng/mL respectively, indicating high iron burden despite prior(More)
Patient-reported outcomes of once-daily oral deferasirox (Exjade) in iron-overloaded patients with beta-thalassemia not achieving successful chelation with prior deferoxamine and/or deferiprone were investigated in a prospective, open-label, 1-year, multicenter study in the Middle East (ESCALATOR). The initial dose of deferasirox was 20 mg/kg/day, with(More)
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