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To evaluate whether anaerobic threshold criteria evaluated in adults are pertinent to children, ten boys with a mean age of 11.2 years were investigated during treadmill running. Maximal running velocity was determined at stepwise increasing load, with determination of blood lactate following exercise. On the following days four runs each lasting 16 min(More)
PURPOSE To evaluate a protocol combining abdominal fat-water magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) and liver single voxel magnetic resonance spectroscopy (MRS) for studies of childhood obesity. MATERIALS AND METHODS Six obese male children and five age-matched normal-weight controls underwent abdominal fat-water Dixon MRI based on a gradient echo sequence with(More)
OBJECTIVE This paper reports the frequency, type, and degree of dyslipidemia in obese children before therapeutic intervention. The relationships between lipid values and weight status, as well as lipid values and physical fitness, of these children were also investigated. DESIGN AND METHODS The initial examination of the Freiburg Intervention Trial for(More)
Obesity as well as low physical fitness and inactivity are associated with an increased incidence of cardiovascular risk factors and coronary artery disease (CAD). Increased inflammation has recently been addressed to play an important role for the relationship between obesity and CAD, as adipose tissue expresses and releases pro-inflammatory cytokines such(More)
INTRODUCTION Literature provides evidence that overweight children are more sedentary. To verify this generalized statement behavior patterns of overweight and nonoverweight children needs to be understood. Therefore, we investigated the distribution of sedentary and activity levels in a quantitative and qualitative way. METHODS Data was collected from 37(More)
PURPOSE To avoid dependence on body weight, the standardised uptake value (SUV) in positron emission tomography (PET) can instead be normalised to the lean body mass (LBM), which can be determined from body volume and mass. This study was designed to answer the following questions: Firstly, can the total body volume in principle be determined using PET?(More)
BACKGROUND The Freiburg Intervention Trial for Obese Children (FITOC) is an interdisciplinary, outpatient program for obese children consisting of regular physical exercise and comprehensive dietary and behavioral education. Parental involvement is required. The study is designed as a longitudinal, nonrandomized clinical observation study. An 8-month(More)
Obesity is considered to be epidemic worldwide. Stopping further progression interdisciplinary, outpatient intervention therapy programs for obese children have become increasingly important. FITOC (Freiburg Intervention Trial for Obese Children) consists of a combination of organized sports, behavioral therapy and nutritional advice. The effectiveness of(More)
In this study we first try to answer the question, whether it is possible to make a successful treatment for obese children in an interdisciplinary program. Second it is asked whether a transfer of this program to further regions in Germany leads to comparable results. In FITOC children from the age of 8-11 years and over the 97. BMI-percentile are(More)
Adrenaline, noradrenaline, lactate and glucose levels in the blood, together with the heart rate and oxygen intake were examined in eight boys (12.8 +/- 0.8 years) and seven adults (27.8 +/- 2.9 years) during a graduated treadmill exercise. At rest, noradrenaline is higher in the adults, while adrenaline, lactate, glucose, heart rate and relative oxygen(More)