Ulrike Klinger

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Administrations increasingly use the internet to improve citizens’ participation in political processes. While research on online political communication and e-democracy is growing, we still have little empirical evidence on the quality of online participation and deliberation processes. This paper focuses on an online local deliberation process, the 2011(More)
Durchfall ist ein häufiges Notfallsymptom und die EHEC-Epidemie war für viele Notaufnahmen Norddeutschlands eine besondere Belastungssituation, weil eine große Unsicherheit in den therapeutischen Optionen vorlag. Bei der im Mai 2011 ausgebrochenen EHEC-Epidemie mit E. coli O104:H4 entwickelten von 3846 dokumentierten Fällen 855 ein hämolytisch-urämisches(More)
The influence of various CO2 laser surgical techniques on tumor behaviour was examined in an experimental model on C56BL/6 mice (n = 106) with Lewis Lung carcinomas and compared with that of scalpel excised tumors. Comparisons were made between the healing procedure, the local recurrence rate, metastatic behaviour and the survival rate (n = 86) of mice(More)
After he had only tightly lost the election in July 2006, Andrés Manuel López Obrador and his Coalición claimed fraud and asserted that unfair conditions during the campaign had diminished his chances to win the presidency. The paper investigates this latter allegation centering on a perceived campaign of hate, unequal access to campaign resources and(More)
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