Ulrike Häßler

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Dendritic cell (DC) homing to the lymphatics and positioning within the lymph node is important for adaptive immunity, and is regulated by gradients of CCL19 and CCL21, ligands for CCR7. Despite the importance of DC chemotaxis, it is not well understood how DCs interpret gradients of these chemokines in a complex 3D microenvironment. Here, we use a(More)
The current state-of-art in 3D microfluidic chemotaxis device (microFCD) is limited by the inherent coupling of the fluid flow and chemical concentration gradients. Here, we present an agarose-based 3D microFCD that decouples these two important parameters, in that the flow control channels are separated from the cell compartment by an agarose gel wall.(More)
The migration of cells such as leukocytes, tumor cells, and fibroblasts through 3D matrices is critical for regulating homeostasis and immunity and for driving pathogenesis. Interstitial flow through the extracellular matrix, which can substantially increase during inflammation and in the tumor microenvironment, can influence cell migration in multiple(More)
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