Ulrike Gresch

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Zein is a water-insoluble polymer from maize seeds that has been widely used to produce carrier particles for the delivery of therapeutic molecules. We encapsulated a recombinant model vaccine antigen in newly formed zein bodies in planta by generating a fusion construct comprising the ectodomain of hemagglutinin subtype 5 and the N-terminal part of γ-zein.(More)
Plant-based transient expression is an alternative platform to produce hemagglutinin-based subunit vaccines. This production system provides not only fast and effective response in the context of a pandemic but also enables the supply of big volume vaccines at low cost. Crude plant extracts containing influenza hemagglutinin are considered to use as vaccine(More)
Comparative investigation concerning gelfiltration as well as haemostaseologic analysis of venoms and venom fractions of some snakes (elapidae and viperidae) have shown that in elapidae an inhibition of coagulation is dominant whilst in viperidae the stimulation of coagulation is of importance. Our investigations produce a basis to select substances for(More)
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