Ulrike Baumöl

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Process-aware information systems (PAIS) have been proposed as a vital means to facilitate the adoption of BPM within organizations. Many studies exist that report on PAIS implementations with enterprise resource planning systems and workflow management systems being the most widely implemented types of PAIS. Accounting information systems (AIS) on the(More)
Business und IT sind nicht zu trennen. Das ist die zentrale Aussage bei dem vorgestellten Ansatz zum Projektportfolio-Management und -Controlling. Ein systematisches Projektportfolio-Management (PPM) und -Controlling (PPC), das nicht zwischen dem Fachbereich und der Informatik unterscheidet, leistet einen wesentlichen Beitrag zum Business-IT-Alignment. Die(More)
In this paper we present an approach applying swarm intelligence to digital markets. The supply side often faces the challenge how to effectively identify customers’ needs in order to design new products and services. When considering intermediaries (“service integrators”) this task becomes even more difficult. Swarm intelligence might provide new means to(More)
Social Media applications as a contemporary phenomenon attract the attention of organizations and researchers. While these technologies are mainstream in a private setting, there is still uncertainty among organizations of operating them. The corporate perspective aims at deploying these technologies for value creation, i.e. improvement and even innovation.(More)