Ulrike Ahrens

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Neonatal testicular infarction is a rare occurrence. We report on a newborn infant with bilateral testicular infarction. At birth, the uncut umbilical cord ran taut between the thighs making a complete loop around the genitals, compressing the testes. At the age of 6 hours, because of increasing agitation and the beginnings of scrotal discoloration, the(More)
The insertion of two thermoformable ureteral titanium spiral stents (Memokath® 051) through ileal conduit due to bilateral ureteral stenosis distally has not been described in the English literature so far. We present the case of a young female patient with a history of ileal conduit urinary diversion due to congenital urinary bladder exstrophy, who had(More)
INTRODUCTION The objective of this study was to determine whether the responses to the same questionnaire differ between women living in a large city and women living in a rural area. METHODS We evaluated the medical records of 88 patients living in the large city of Cologne and of 86 patients living in Brühl and its surrounding rural regions. The(More)
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