Ulrika Nörby

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To present concept, methods and use of a knowledge database providing assessments of potential fetal risks for all drugs on the Swedish market. Assessments of fetal risks are made primarily by analyzing prospective epidemiological data from the Swedish Medical Birth Register on drug intake in relation to birth outcome. This is complemented by evaluation of(More)
INTRODUCTION Pregnant women often have questions concerning fetal effects of drugs but there is limited reliable information specifically intended for them. This study investigated how pregnant women perceive and value the scientific resource Drugs and Birth Defects (www.janusinfo.se/fosterpaverkan) and compared their opinions with those of health care(More)
Q3 What other information sources concerning medications during pregnancy do you use? Q3_1 physician/midwife Q3_2 Sjukvårdsrådgivningen 1177=Medical helpline Q3_3 pharmacies Q3_4 Fass.se Q3_5 internet sites/discussion forums/facebook groups for pregnant women Q3_6 friends and relatives Q3_7 tv/newspapers/news sites on the internet Q3_8 via google or other(More)
OBJECTIVES To estimate the rate of admissions to NICUs, as well as infants' morbidity and neonatal interventions, after exposure to antidepressant drugs in utero. METHODS Data on pregnancies, deliveries, prescription drug use, and health status of the newborn infants were obtained from the Swedish Medical Birth Register, the Prescribed Drug Register, and(More)
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